FX AUDIO Home Audio GE5654 Tube Preamp—Sound Quality Upgrade Electronic Hi-Fi Stereo Vacuum Tube Preamplifier with Bass & Treble Control DC12V Power Supply for Home Audio Player (Black)

♪ HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS—The chassis of the preamplifier is made of a solid aluminum alloy material, and uses accurate and stable integrated circuits and high-quality components to eliminate low-frequency noise and ensure clear sound quality; The material of its PCB board is made of FR-4 insulation board and black immersion gold Craft, which has the… […]


Electro-Harmonix 6V6GT Vacuum Tube, Matched Pair

Beam power tetrode with a specially developed cathode coating, careful alignment of the grid, tri-alloy plate material for flawless performance up to 475 volts.Perfect for high plate voltage amplifiers like the Fender Deluxe Reverb.Manufactured In RussiaMatched Pair […]


Tube Amp Doctor ECC83WA / 12AX7 Premium Selected Vacuum Tube

The TAD ECC83 WA Selected provides a stunning warm tone, thick midrange and sweet natural harmonicsWe designed it with a triple mica construction for low noise performancePerfect for clean or moderate gain preamps as well as for high-gain amps from V2 positionIts great dynamics, low noise operation and balanced warm tone make the TAD ECC83… […]


Tube Amp Doctor EL84 STR Premium Selected Vacuum Tube, Matched Quad

Tube Amp Doctor opted for the thickest glass possible and the heaviest construction available, just like the Russian EL84M, and combined these features with the sonically most promising cathode plate options, in order to meet and exceed the tonal quality of the EL84-CzFinally, Tube Amp Doctor added the gold grid wire in order to improve… […]