Rockville BluTube Tube Amplifier/Home Theater Bluetooth Receiver+5.25″ Speakers

Package Includes: (1) Rockville BluTube 70w Tube Amplifier/Home Theater Stereo Receiver w/ Bluetooth. (1) Pair of Rockville HP5S-8 5.25″ Outdoor/Indoor Home Theater Speakers w/Swivel Bracket. Includes: Tube Amplifier / Receiver. 5 Foot RCA to 3.5MM cable. 5.5 Foot Power cable. Owners manual / Warranty card. Features of BluTube: Rockville BluTube Audiophile grade tube amplifier with… […]


AC 12V 0.8A Vacuum Electron Tube Valve Preamp Amplifier Board 6J1 Headphone Musical Fidelity Kit for Signal Amplitude Power

【Product Instructions】: You can connect the 6J1 tube pre-amp between sound source and amplifier, it will effectively filter digital flavor, and the music and human voice will be relatively good【Wonderful Performance】: Eight 470UF capacitor filter is very clean, excellent power system lead to no hum, filaments are powered with DC 12V and need to be… […]


S.M.S.L SP200 THX AAA-888 Balanced Headphone Amplifier with XLR RCA Input

This amplifier is versatile and can be used to drive a variety of headsets including those that have high impedance, require high current, or need high sensitivity.The SP200 Headphone Amp comes with an included AC power supply and is equipped with XLR and RCA inputs.The SP200 has a balanced stereo headphone output, a balanced stereo… […]